Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

  • Service Descriptions:
    • Acute Partial Hospitalization Program:
    Individuals up to age 21 (if attending high school) attend the program during school hours and participate in intensive individual and group therapy.  The program runs 6 hours a day and, in relation to child/adolescent services, can coordinate with school districts to help arrange transportation and educational needs.  Partials have psychiatrists on staff to prescribe and monitor psychotropic medication, when needed, for the duration of the program.  Other staff include master's level clinicians, and bachelor level staff.  Transportation is usually provided to the facility. 
    • School Based Partial Hospitalization Program:
      Schools have a partial hospitalization program stationed within the school building.  Two mental health professions (from Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21) are in each school, and are available for individual therapy, consultation, crisis management, and support during the school day.  A psychiatrist is available to prescribe and monitor psychotropic medication, if needed.  Treatment planning meetings must occur every 20 days, to review progress and medical necessity.

    • After School Partial Hospital Program:
      Referrals originate in the mental health system. This program is available to medically appropriate school age children and adolescents.  The program provides psychiatric evaluations, prescriptions for medication, and medication monitoring.  In addition, the therapists provide individual, family, and group therapy at the treatment site location.  This program is funded by some private insurance and by Medical Assistance.
  • Process:
    • A psychiatrist or psychologist completes an evaluation prescribing the type of the partial program. 
    • A Provider List can be obtained by clicking on the link or directly from Magellan Service Center via phone, Member line 1-866-238-2311 or Provider line 1-866-780-3368
    • The consumer, parent or case manager can contact a provider's office to schedule an appointment.