Complex Case Review

CASSP Complex Case Review Meetings:

Standing meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. The focus is to address services provided,coordination of services, concerns or issues.  Interested and involved parties may include Lehigh County offices of Intellectual Disabilities, Health Choices, Drug and Alcohol, Office of Children and Youth, Juvenile Probation Office, also included may be Family, Providers, Schools, or Medical personnel.

The goal is to brainstorm solutions to issues/concerns, keep interested parties informed of the child's status, and facilitate cross system collaboration.

About 10 to 13 cases are discussed during the hour and a half meeting.

Who can request a meeting ? Health Choices, Lehigh County Department of Human Service offices or Probation, Family, Schools, Providers.

How can a request be made? For a referral form and release of information, you can request through an e-mail.