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2019 Blight Remediation Grant

Blight Remediation Grant Program

Demolition and Clearance Projects


The County of Lehigh is currently requesting applications for its Blight Remediation Grant Program for demolition and clearance projects.


Municipalities and municipal authorities in Lehigh County(with the exception of the cities of Allentown and Bethlehem) may request funding for demolition of buildings and improvements, removal of rubble and debris after demolition, removal of environmental contaminants, and to make non-hazardous, or to move structures to other sites.  Funds may also be used for legal and processing fees, contracting with a third- party to provide the desired demolition and clearance services on their behalf.


Applicants must provide a minimum of 25% cash match.


Lehigh County has continuously shown a strong commitment to the well-being of our communities. We look forward to your participation in this program.  Please feel free to contact Virginia Haas at 610.782.3809 or if you have any questions or if you would like additional information


Please refer to the Program Guidelines for specific information for this program.


Requests must be received by 4:00 PM on Friday, June 28, 2019.

Applications may be uploaded (see instructions below) or mailed to: 

Virginia Haas
Community Revitalization and Development Manager
Lehigh County Government Center
Room 519
17 S. 7th St.

Allentown PA 18101


Applicants who choose to mail their submissions must include one original and six copies of the entire grant submittal.


PLEASE NOTE:  The financial information required for Lehigh County’s website, found on page 3 of the Guidelines, may be submitted electronically to




The application can be downloaded and saved to your device via the link in the Documents pane to the left.  Complete all the necessary fields in the application and then submit the completed application, together with the supporting documents as requested in the packet, via the web form below. The form must be completed for each application submission. Please be sure you are using the latest version of your browser.

 Once you click SEND you will see a Blight Remediation Submission Confirmation screen (this may take a few moments).  If, after a reasonable amount of time, the screen does not appear, then your application may not have been uploaded. 

Please contact Virginia Haas at 610.782.3809 for assistance.