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Campaign Finance Reports

2011 Andrea Naugle Committee Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Andrea Naugle Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Andy Roman Committee Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Andy Roman Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Brad Osborne Committee Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Brad Osborne Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Dennis Pearson Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Don Cunningham Committee Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Don Cunningham Post Election - DOWNLOAD
2011 Ed Koren Committee Amended Post Election - DOWNLOAD
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Campaign Finance Forms

Many Campaign Finance forms are now available online*. Instructions appear at the end of the documents.

Campaign Finance Report (DSEB-502) 
(Large file size PDF. This will take a few moments to download)This form is intended for the use of candidates, political committees and contributing lobbyists that are required to disclose contributions and expenditures. (further instructions available with form)
Campaign Finance Report (DSEB-503) 
You may file this statement in lieu of a full report when the amount of contributions (including in-kind contributions) received, the amount of money expended, and the liablilities incurred each did not exceed $250.00 during the reporting period. (further instructions available with form)
Political Committee Registration Statement (DSEB-500)
Use this form to register a new political committee. You may also use it to amend the original registration when the committee appoints a new chairperson or treasurer, or changes any other required information.

Authorization for a Political Committee to Receive Funds on Behalf of a Candidate (DSEB-501)
The Pennsylvania Election Code provides that no treasurer of a political committee shall receive any money on behalf of a candidate until such political committee has been authorized in writing by the candidate on a form designed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. (further instructions available with form)
This form is to be used by any corporation, association, partnership, sole proprietorship or other business entity which has been awarded any non-bid contract from the Commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions to report certain individual political contributions. (further instructions available with form)
If you make an Independent Expenditure (an expenditure not in cooperation or consultation with any candidate or candidate's political committee) to influence the outcome of the election of a candidate or ballot question, you must file this report if the expenditure exceeds $100 in a calendar year. (further instructions available with form) 
Twentyfour (24) Hour Reporting Form
Section 1628 of the Campaign Finance Reporting Law requires any candidate or political committee, authorized by a candidate and created solely for the purpose of influencing an election on behalf of that candidate, which receives any contribution or pledge of five hundred dollars ($500) or more after the final pre-primary/pre-election report has been deemed completed shall report such contribution to the appropriate supervisor.  The candidate, chairperson or treasurer of the political committee shall send the report of late contributions within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the contribution.  These contributions must be reported through and including the day of the primary/election.

Countywide Candidates are required to submit PDF copies of all Campaign Finance Reports via email to by the following deadlines: 

2015 Late Filing Fees Chart
According to Section 1632 (25 P.S. § of the Campaign Finance Laws, a late filing fee for each report or statement of expenditures and contributions which is not filed within the prescribed period shall be imposed as follows. Such fee shall be ten dollars ($10) for each day or part of a day excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays that a report is overdue. An additional fee of ten dollars ($10) is due for each of the first six (6) days that a report is overdue. The maximum fee payable with respect to a single report is two hundred fifty dollars ($250). A late filing fee is the personal liability of the candidate or treasurer of a political committee and cannot be paid from contributions to the candidate or committee, nor may such fee be considered an expenditure.   No person shall be deemed elected to a public office until all required Campaign Finance reports are filed.

Note: Postmarks are acceptable as proof of timely filing where a report is postmarked by the
US Postal Service no later than the day PRIOR to the filing deadline, local County Office closes at 4:00 PM

Type of Report
Complete as of
Filing Deadline
2015 Annual Report December 31, 2015 Febuary 1, 2016
Second Friday Pre-Primary
April 11, 2016
April 15, 2016
Thirty Day Post-Primary
May 16, 2016
May 26, 2016
Second Friday Pre-Election
October 24, 2016
October 28, 2016
Thirty Day Post-Election
November 28, 2016
December 8, 2016
2016 Annual Report
December 31, 2016
January 31, 2017