Job Postings Status

Job Posting Status Definitions


OPEN: Job is posted and interested applicants may submit requested information for available position.

PENDING: Posting has been removed and applications are no longer accepted. Appropriate appointing authority is reviewing submitted documents and those applicants they are interested in as potential candidates for the position will be contacted directly by phone or mail.

CLOSED: Candidate has been HIRED for the position.


Current Job Postings Status

1  01/01/18 Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Trainee Cedarbrook Nursing Homes  On-Going X
2  01/01/18 Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)  Cedarbrook Nursing Homes  On-Going X
3  01/01/18 LPN Cedarbrook Nursing Homes  On-Going X
 4   01/01/18 RN Cedarbrook Nursing Homes On-Going X      
5  01/01/18 Deputy Sheriff (Part-Time)  Sheriff's Office On-Going X      
 8    01/19/18  District Court Operations Clerk  MDJ Rashid Santiago Part Time  X    
10    01/19/18  Trades Foreman  Utility Garage - Bridges Full Time  X      
11    01/22/18  Environmental Services Tech  Cedarbrook Nursing Homes  Full Time  X      
12  01/26/18  Therapy Aide II Cedarbrook Nursing Homes  Part Time  X      
13  01/26/18  Chaplain Cedarbrook Nursing Homes Part Time  X      
14  01/26/18  Clerical Specialist  Judicial Records Criminal Division  Full Time  X    
15  01/26/18  D. C. Operations Specialist MDJ Trexler D.C. 31-3-03 Full Time  X    
17  02/02/18  Attorney I District Attorney Full Time  X    
18  02/02/18  Corrections Officers  Prison Full Time  X      
19  02/02/18  Secretary II Cedarbrook Allentown Nursing Admin  Full Time  X      
20  02/02/18  Clerical Specialist Cedarbrook Allentown Human Resources  Full Time X      
21  02/09/18  Groundskeeper Parks & Recreation Part Time       
      22 02/09/18  Clerical Technician III  Judicial Records - Courts (Civil)  Full Time      
102  07/26/17 Nursing Ancillary Aide / Central Supply CSR Cedarbrook Allentown Part Time  X      
115  08/21/17 RN Nursing Supervisor C/Brook Allentown & Fountain Hill Facilities - Nursing Office Full Time   X      
123  09/01/17 RN Manager - Nursing Supervisor  Cedarbrook Allentown & Fountain Hill Facilities - Nursing Office  Full Time  X      
135  10/02/17 Therapy Aide I Recreational  Cedarbrook Allentown & Fountain Hill Facilities Part Time  X    
148  11/03/17 Telecommunications Operator Hamilton Financial Center  Full Time  X  
156  11/22/17 Office Support III  Juvenile Probation  Part Time X    
160   12/01/17 Assistant Deputy Controller Controller's  Full Time  X      
162  12/11/17 Secretary II  Cedarbrook Nursing Homes Part Time  X      
163  12/15/17 CASA Assistant Director Court Administration  Full Time   X    
170  12/29/17 Hearing Officer Aide  Bureau of Collections  Part Time  X  
171  12/29/17 Maintenance/Corrections Officer  Prison Full Time  X      
166  12/22/17  Attorney I Public Defender's  Full Time  X