Job Posting Status Definitions

OPEN: Job is posted and interested applicants may submit requested information for available position.

PENDING: Posting has been removed and applications are no longer accepted. Appropriate appointing authority is reviewing submitted documents and those applicants they are interested in as potential candidates for the position will be contacted directly by phone or mail.

CLOSED: Candidate has been HIRED for the position.


Current Job Postings Status

138 11/15/19 RN-Manager Cedarbrook-Fountain Hill Full Time X
139 11/15/19 Manager-Nurse Supervisor Cedarbrook-Allentown & Fountain Hill Full Time X
12 01/14/20 CNA Cedarbrook-Allentown & Fountain Hill FT, RPT ,PT , per diem X
28 02/14/20 Environmental Service Tech Cedarbrook-Allentown & Fountain Hill Part Time X
29 3/28/20 Duplicating Technician Duplicating Services - Courthouse Part Time X
79 08/07/20 Telecommunications Operator 911 Center Full Time X
91 08/28/20 Corrections Officer Lehigh County Jail Full Time X
92 08/28/20 Nursing Ancillary Aide Cedarbrook-Allentown & Fountain Hill Part Time X
126 12/11/20 Trades Foreman Parks & Recreation Full Time X
N/A 03/15/21 Registered Nurse Cedarbrook-Allentown & Fountain Hill FT, RPT, PT, per diem X
121 04/21/21 Deputy Sheriff Sheriff's Department Part Time X
47 04/28/21 Work Program Leader I Work Program Part Time X
18 05/24/21 Groundskeeper Parks & Recreation Full Time and Part Time X
61 05/26/21 Secretarial Support I -MDJ 31-1-3 MDJ 31-1-3 Part Time X
59 06/15/21 Clerical Technician I Sheriff's Department Part Time X
78 07/09/21 Court Stenographer - Court Clerk II Criminal Division Full Time X
85 07/16/21 Hearing Officer Aide Collections Bureau Part Time X
99 08/02/21 CBDG Program Coordinator Community and Economic Development Part Time X
107 08/20/21 Secretarial Support I -MDJ 31-1-6 MDJ 31-1-6 Full Time X
116 09/03/21 Domestic Relations Officer I Domestic Relations Full Time X
114 09/03/21 Secretarial Support II Domestic Relations Full Time X
115 09/03/21 Secretarial Support II MDJ 1201 Sumner Avenue Full Time X
117 09/07/21 Attorney IV/Custody Hearing Officer Court Admin/Family Court Full Time X
118 09/09/21 Executive Secretary District Attorney/Firearm & Tool Lab Full Time X
121 09/10/21 Help Desk Technician Information Technology Helpdesk Part Time X
119 09/10/21 Court Reporter Monitor Court Administration Full Time X
120 09/10/21 Juvenile Probation Officer I Juvenile Probation Full Time X
122 09/17/21 Clerical Technician III Sheriff's Department Full Time X
123 09/17/21 Office Support - Law Library Court Admin / Law Library 2 Part Time Positions X