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West End Alliance of Allentown

Civic Theater, 19th St., Allentown
Located in the western section of Allentown, the West End Theatre District is in close proximity to many regionally significant assets such as Muhlenberg College, the Allentown Fairgrounds, and Lehigh Valley Hospital. The Civic Theater and a number of specialty retailers comprise its core along 19th Street, while nearly a dozen restaurants and pubs are within its boundaries. The accessibility of the West End Theatre District makes it an ideal neighborhood and business district to serve its residents, college population and visitors.  

The West End Theatre District acts as a: 

Local Residential Neighborhood Center by enhancing and diversifying its businesses and services. The West End Theatre District is a walkable, pedestrian-friendly community atmosphere. By building on its culturally rich and ethnically diverse neighborhood, the West End Theatre District will be a welcoming mecca for both entrepreneurs and artisans to call work and home.

Regional Specialty Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Destination by encouraging a safe, browsable and diverse business district. The West End Theatre District will promote its own character by providing a fun and distinctive shopping and dining destination focusing on local businesses within a walkable, clean, and sustainable environment appealing to the Greater Lehigh Valley.

 19th Street in the heart of the West End Theatre District

This vision for the revitalization of Allentown’s West End Theatre District is being advanced by The West End Alliance, a not-for-profit organization that is the catalyst for a growing partnership of engaged and committed stakeholders including local merchants, property owners, residents and other local organizations to assure the attainment and sustainability of this vision.  The City of Allentown, Lehigh County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have all made significant contributions to long-term planning and infrastructure improvements.

Below: West End Alliance's 2019 St. Patrick's Day 5K

West End Alliance - St. Pat's 5K

Below:  West End World of Food Festival 

West End World of Food Festival Scheduled for 9-21-2019

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