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Community Garden Plots

The Mission Statement for the County of Lehigh's Community Garden Plot Program 

The mission of the Lehigh County Community Gardens Program is to provide citizen access to garden space, to support the production of healthy food for the community, and to promote sustainable gardening practices. 


Community Garden Map

To View Garden Plot Maps for Jordan and Cedarbrook Community Gardens follow Links below: 

Jordan Park Community Garden Map

Cedarbrook Community Garden Map




Lehigh County owns and operates two community garden sites for county residents who need a space to grow their own vegetables.

    The Jordan Creek Parkway Community Garden is located along Lehnert Road in Whitehall Township. From the west: Take US Route 22 to the 15th Street exit. Turn left onto Mauch Chunk Road. Drive 1.1 miles to the stoplight at Scherersville Road. Turn right and drive 0.7 miles to the park. Scherersville Road will become Lehnert Road. The garden is on the left side of Lehnert Road.
    This site contains 93 garden plots, each measuring 20'x40'. Water is available from a well located along the pathway, midway between the 93 garden plots. Water may also be taken from the Jordan Creek. See Map above for layout.

    The Cedarbrook Community Garden is located near the intersection of Cedarbrook Road and Dorney Park Road in South Whitehall Township. From the west: Take Route 309 to the Hamilton Boulevard exit. Turn left on Lincoln Drive, turn right on Dorney Park Road. Go straight into the Cedarbook Institution District. The garden is behind the Maintenance Building, just past Brookview.
    This site contains 110 garden plots, each measuring 20'x30'. Water is available from a stock tank, which is in a central location, easily accessed by all the gardeners. Water can also be taken from the nearby Cedar Creek. See Map above for layout.

The annual rental fee for a garden plot at either location is $40.00. Registration forms are sent to current garden plot holders mid November. ALL Payments must be made at the Fiscal Office on the first floor of the Lehigh County Government Center.

Each site has rules that must be followed in order to keep the garden plots productive and neatly maintained. You will receive a copy when you have paid for your plot. Any questions concerning the site rules should be directed to Julie A. Hamilton. See below for a copy of the Rules.


Because all of the garden plots are currently assigned, interested gardeners will have to place their names on a waiting list.

For more information contact:   Julie A. Hamilton, Community Garden Plot Administrator

at 610-336-5680, listen to message for extension 2

or email her at:  

Julie is Part-Time. Please leave a message or email and she will answer your questions when she returns to the office as soon as possible.

 April 2024-There is currently a waiting list for All Gardens. Please contact Julie to be added to the list, she will contact you when your name in next in line. Make sure to state which garden you are interested in being on the waiting list for. Right now over 40 names are on the list, however, some people remove their names so don't hesitate to add yours. 






When you sign the Registration form to rent a garden plot from Lehigh County, please be aware that your signature constitutes agreement with the rules listed below. Read these rules carefully so you clearly understand them. These rules have been updated for 2024. Please contact Julie Hamilton at the Farmland Preservation office: phone610-336-5680, ext. 2 or email if you have any questions.

General Garden Rules:                                                                      No Household Trash In Any Garden Plot Dumpster!!!!

  • Plot cleaned and prepared for planting by May 1.
  • Plant your garden by June 1.
  • Garden plots will be reassigned if not planted by June 1.
  • Keep garden plot free of weeds and in good condition.
  • Keep a three feet wide area outside of your plot trimmed and weed-free.
  • Fences must be kept weed-free.
  • If your plot is next to a pathway, you are responsible for keeping your half of the pathway trimmed and weed-free.
  • Settle disputes with your neighbors before calling the garden coordinator.
  • Store water containers (buckets, jugs, plastic milk cartons, etc.) upside down in one area or corner of your plot.
  • Do not remove your plot number stake.
  • Plot number stake should be placed in the front center of your plot.

Garden Inspections:

  • Garden plot inspections begin May 1.
  • Inspections are bi-weekly during the gardening season.
  • Rule violators will receive a yellow warning flag, written notice of violation, and phone call.
  • Yellow flag violators will have 3 weeks to correct the rule violation.
  • Violations corrected within 3 weeks will have the yellow removed.
  • Violations not corrected will receive a red flag.
  • Red flagged plots are forfeited and re-assigned. (YOU LOSE YOUR GARDEN)
  • Three violations in one season will lead to plot forfeiture.
  • Gardeners with plot forfeitures will be ineligible to re-apply for another garden plot for 2 years.
  • To prevent violations due to life challenges or situations, please contact me by phone or email listed above, We will work with you!

Permitted Items:

  • Garden fencing up to 8 feet in height.
  • Garden fencing colors that blend in with the garden environment (i.e. green, brown, metal wire, etc.).
  • Support posts that are sturdy placed on the boundary lines of your plot.
  • All new or replacement fences must be metal, not plastic.
  • Tool and/or garden lockers, shelving units, and rain catchment structures no higher than 5 feet.
  • Up to two 55-gallon water barrels with tight-fitting lids.
  • Shade canopies and umbrellas.
  • Weed fabric, black plastic, wood chips, or mulch for weed control.
  • A gate with a lock to deter theft.

Permitted Fertilizers, Herbicides, Pesticides:  ORMI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed products ONLY.


  • Alcoholic beverages. *
  • Sheds, shelters, metal office furniture, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, tires. * 
  • Herbicides such as Roundup. *
  • Plants, annual or perennial, that interfere with or shade your neighbors' gardens. 
  • Plants that grow through your fence and into other gardens or the pathways. 
  • Shade canopies or umbrellas that shade your neighbors' garden. 
  • New trees or shrubs. 
  • Burning or open fires. *
  • Livestock. *
  • Loud music. 
  • Carpeting, permanent fixtures, solid panel or stockade fences.*
  • Storage of items outside of your fence.
  • Non-organic items (pots, trays, fences, tools, old wood, etc.) thrown into the compost bin. 

Mosquito Management: All water containers must have tight fitting lids or turned upside down to avoid mosquito breeding that may lead to West Nile Virus or Zika Virus. 

End of Season Clean-Up:  

  • Garden plots must be cleaned up at the end of the growing season.
  • The deadline for clean-up is November 15th. 
  • All dead plants, weeds, and grass not used as a pathway must be removed. 
  • Fences must be cleaned of weeds and dead plant debris. 
  • Late crops and perennial plants may remain in your garden.
  • All tools and containers must be neatly stored and secured for the winter. 


  • The speed limit on the roadways is 10 mph.
  • All trash must be taken home for disposal. 
  • Do not enter other garden plots without permission from the other gardener. 
  • Please check the bulletin board often. Notices and announcements will be posted there. 
  • Keep your pets leashed and clean up after them. 
  • Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Please be aware that it is part of the garden coordinator's job to make sure that the rules are enforced. Do not be confrontational or disrespectful if you are asked to correct or change something. Anyone who speaks or acts ina disrespectful manner will lose the privilege of having a garden plot at the Jordan Creek or Cedarbrook site. 

Be Respectful of your fellow gardeners as well.