Health Care

Health Care Information

Health Caring Cards

Designed to be printed out, filled in and folded down to pocket size.  Includes rights of patients, getting ready for doctor visits, questions to ask at your appointment, questions about meds, and emergency information cards.


Healthy and Ready To Work (HRTW)

Assessment tools and information for children with special health care needs who are approaching adulthood and require assistance in transitioning into adult health care and secondary education or employment.


Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI)

Information on transition planning and preparing for adulthood such as, "From Stress to Success: Making Social Services Work for your Young Adult", "Transition Planning for Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities", and "Information for Parents and Teens".


Kids As Self Advocates (KASA)

Written by and for teens and young adults with special health care needs, includes helpful articles, such as "Communicating with Your Doctor" and "Transition to Adulthood".


Learn More Resource Center

Technical assistance activities that promote the successful transition to adult life such as, "Healthy Minds & Bodies", etc.


Parents Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER)

Information and links to topics affecting families of young adults with disabilities.


Pennsylvania Department of Health Division of Vital Records


Individuals born in the state of Pennsylvania may request an official birth certificate duplication.  Fees charged.


The Pennsylvania Elks Home Service Program

This program provides in-home medical case management services, advocates for an individual's legal and human rights, provides information regarding resources and services available, assesses needs and helps access equipment, advocates for appropriate educational services, assists with finding activities, offers instruction regarding home care, provides emotional support, helps with vocational goals, assists with residential options, provides referrals to appropriate agencies in the community and interprets clinical findings and acts as a liaison between health care professionals.


Transition Health Care Checklist --The Pennsylvania Department of Health and their community partners recognized a gap in health services for youth with special health care needs.  When these youth leave school, they transition from having different or no insurance coverage, from seeing pediatric specialists to searching for adult medical specialists, and from good coverage for medications to having to understand new systems for obtaining medicines. The Transition Health Care Checklist was created to guide youth, families, and professionals during this time of change.