Behavioral Health Care Insurance Providers

Behavioral Health Care Insurance

  • Private Insurance and Medical Assistance--Families who have children/adolescents covered under private or primary insurance should contact their insurance company for psychiatric evaluations and treatment.   Should the private insurance become exhausted, or not cover psychiatry services, Medical Assistance can then be used as the secondary insurance for behavioral health services.
  • Medical Assistance Fee-For-Service/HIPP--All MA Lehigh County members enrolled with Medical Assistance Fee-For-Service/HIPP for behavioral health services can directly contact the MA network themselves.   They can also contact the Lehigh County Children's Mental Health Unit at 610-782-3376.  The CMHU will assist in providing members a MA network list, or in coordinating behavioral health evaluation and services.
  • Magellan Behavioral Health Care-- All MA Lehigh County Health Choices members enrolled with Magellan Behavioral Health Care need to contact Magellan Behavioral Health (MBH) directly for behavioral health service coordination at 1-866-238-2311.


*Department of Public Welfare--apply online for Medical Assistance.