Overview of the CMHU

Overview of CMHU

Lehigh County Children’s Mental Health Unit (CMHU), in conjunction with Lehigh County’s Managed Care Organization, Magellan Behavioral Health Care, will assist families in the process of accessing or coordinating Medical Assistance (MA) funded behavioral health services for their children/adolescents. 

The CMHU coordinates and provides the oversight of the Lehigh County Children’s Mental Health Base Funded Services.   The CMHU determines eligibility for these programs for children/adolescents receiving or waiting to receive MA behavioral health services.

The CMHU can also assist the needs of young adults who are receiving behavioral health services, and who are transitioning into the adult mental health system.

The CMHU directly monitors and provides on-going case management services to those HIPP children/adolescents receiving medical assistance-funded behavioral health services.   Children/adolescents who are enrolled in the Health Choices Behavioral Health Care Program will receive on-going care management services through Magellan Behavioral Health Care.



Please contact the Lehigh County Information and Referral Unit at 610-782-3200 for all Children’s Mental Health Unit requests and referrals. You may also click on the link for additional information.