About the CMHU

About the CMHU

Children's Mental Health works with children and families to achieve positive change and recovery.  This office believes that people with mental illness can best achieve change and recovery when treatment and supportive services are guided by each person's goals, preferences, strengths and needs.


The CMHU provides a variety of services, click here for an overview of services.

Click here to find out how to utilize your insurance for behavioral health services or what to do if you do not have insurance.

Find out if your child/adolescent is eligible to receive services from the CMHU.

Children/adolescents who are actively receiving or waiting to receive recommended MA behavioral health funded treatments, may be eligible for respite.  Click here to find out information about this program.

Please contact the Lehigh County Information and Referral Unit at 610-782-3200 for all Children’s Mental Health Unit requests and referrals. You may also click on the link for additional information.

Joint effort between Juvenile Probation and MH/MR.  Two teams, each consisting of an MH/MR case manager and a Juvenile Probation Officer provide specialized services to clients that include advocacy, accountability, and assistance.

Find out how the CMHU assists young adults who are receiving MA behavioral health services with transitioning into the adult mental health system.