Individualized Education Plan- IEP This link will take to you to the Autism Speaks website which contains a 26 page guide to help families understand the IEP process.  Goodwin Procter put the guide together, called, "Individualized Education Program (IEP)Summary, Process and Practical Tips.

    The Bureau of Autism Services Training Site--a virtual training center that is available to the general public as well as to providers and practitioners.  This comprehensive resource center enables professionals and families to easily access trainings, documents, and other resources in one convenient location.  Currently, there are three videos that can be viewed by the general public: First Look, Second Look, and an Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Users need to create a free account and then log-in with their user ID and password.  To sign up for a free account and access materials available to the general public, click on the link to the web site.

    Flint Hill Farm Educational Center, Inc:  a 28 acre agro-educational facility located in Coopersburg.  A vocational program is offered that is open to teens and young adults with mental and physical challenges.  Also available are age and grade appropriate educational experiences for students from Pre K through the University level.   

    Resource Room: Free-spirited Structured Multisensory LearningFind ideas, articles, and lesson plans for multi-sensory learning for all ages.  Beneficial resource for those that learn differently or have been diagnosed as falling on the autism spectrum.

    An Autistic Student's Journey to College


Listen to a story that ran on the NPR Morning Edition on September 11, 2008 about Roger Diehl who is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Roger is autistic and battled mental illness since he was a child.  He and his family offer their story and advice on transitioning to college.

    Going to College: This website has information about living college life with a disability.  It is designed for teens with disabilities and provides video clips, activities, information, and additional resources that can help students get a head start in planning for college. 

    Pennsylvania Department of Education has many resources for families and advocates of children with special needs.  Additional resources such as ConsultLinePaTTAN, PEN, and contact information for complaints such as discrimination and a school employee, and information about who to contact for information on accommodations and Title IX or educational law. 

    School Community Tool Kit - to assist educators and school staff in understanding and supporting students with Autism. The home page of the Tool Kit includes two short video clips, featuring public school principal Kris Bergstrom and autism consultant and author Paula Kluth speaking about including learners with autism. The kit itself is broken down into modules that provide an overview of autism, information about inclusion of students with autism in the school community, strategies for intervention, information targeted to specific members of the school community – administrators, teachers, bus drivers, school nurses, custodians, security and office staff. In addition, there is a list of autism information resources and an appendix with additional background and educational tools.