Executive Committee


IFSP Executive Committee

The development of the Integrated Family Service Plan (IFSP) resulted in the formation of the Lehigh County IFSP Advisory Committee and IFSP Executive Committee, which has generated the gathering of stakeholders input, prioritization and implementation of annual goals and the measurement of relevant outcomes.

The IFSP Executive Committee works in a collaborative manner with the Advisory Committee and Process Improvement Teams (PIT) to ensure the completion of tasks and goals outlined in the Integrated Children Services Plan (ICSP), which is completed on an annual basis.  Membership of the Executive Committee is comprised of Lehigh County employees from each of the offices within the Department of Human Services and the Department of Juvenile Probation.  The IFSP Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis. This committee works on a variety of tasks related to the completion of the annual integrated plan.  It provides direction to the PIT teams in achieving expectations and completing recommendations in their assigned priority areas.  This committee also creates new PIT teams when new issues arise that require lengthy attention.  It also engages in outreach activities to obtain input from consumers, families, and community stakeholders.  To continue the effort towards integration, Lehigh County self-designated as a Tier One 'Accelerated Integrated' county and has created a multi-year plan to achieve this goal.  This committee is committed to researching and developing new avenues in achieving integrated services to multi-system children and families.