Advisory Committee


IFSP Advisory Committee

The Integrated Family Services Plan Advisory Committee consists of parents, previous consumers, community leaders and individuals in the fields of local government, human services, child welfare, intellectual disabilities, drug and alcohol, juvenile probation, aging and adult services, education, legal, medical, and family advocacy.   This committee continues to feel the importance of including the entire family in the creation of the service plan rather than just children and adolescents and identified its mission as follows:   “The Integrated Family Service Plan Advisory Committee's mission is to provide assistance, guidance, and advocacy to the Lehigh County Department of Human Services and the Juvenile Probation Department in the development, implementation and evaluation of the Integrated Family Services Plan.'

Following the creation of this advisory committee, the group reviewed the gaps and barriers that had been identified in 2004 and survey responses from the parents’ and providers’ Northeast surveys.   The advisory committee aggregated responses into eleven categories with the identification of the array of issues under each category.   From the four priorities identified by this committee the Process Improvement Teams (PIT Teams) were formed.

The advisory committee meets every three months to assess progress and provide guidance towards achieving its initiative.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences in order to help Lehigh County better provide better services to children and families, or would like to learn more, please call Pat Theodore at (610) 871-1986.