Safety and Workers' Compensation

Remember when you nearly tripped over a box in your office?
Did you intend to tidy up, put things in storage, or send a stack of files on the floor to the archives, but just couldn't find the time?  By taking a few minutes now, you can help to prevent an accident in your office if you move boxes, books, clutter out of harm's way. 

  • If you need something on a regular basis, relocate it to a handy cabinet or shelf. 
  • If you are gathering materials for a project, find a holding place to store the materials so no one can stumble over them.
  • If you have boxes ready for storage - send them today.
  • If you see an obstacle in your path, remove it rather than stepping over or around it.
  • If you notice something that is unsafe, please correct it.

Office safety is everyone's responsibility. Teamwork can create a hazard-free workplace.