Game Preserve to Nature Preserve

PathToday all of the 538-acre Central Range is open daily for trail walking, hiking, and jogging; fishing, picnicking, nature watching, wading in the Jordan creek, sledding, cross country skiing, and more.

The 471-acre North Range has opened, on a limited basis, for a wide range of activities including archery hunting during the appropriate seasons. The 99-acre South Range has not yet been opened to the public but will be in the future on designated weekends and for special events.

During its early years, The Trexler-Lehigh County Game Preserve was best known as the home of the Zoo. In the 1940s,a small zoo area was added to the preserve in the Central Range. In 1954 the pen section was enlarged, and a petting area was added. In 1975, a much larger 29-acre 'children's zoo' was opened. Today the Lehigh Valley Zoo is in operation at the Trexler Nature Preserve in the Central Range.