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Activities you can enjoy at the Trexler Nature Preserve include walking, hiking, mountain biking, nature and bird watching, picnicking, and fishing and hunting.


There are more than 20 miles of trails within TNP for hikers of all abilities, including the 1.2 mile Covered Bridge trail that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  There is also the 1 mile Elk Watching trail in the Central Range and the Border trail that loops around the entire preserve.  The Border trail is a challenging 8.5 mile path along the perimeter of the preserve.  Trails are rated in the map key of the users guide by level of challenge and trail length.


A 2.5 mile single track mountain bike trail is located in the North Range and is accessible from the North Range parking lot.  Additional multi purpose trails on the North Range, including the Hunsicker, Teardrop, and Border trails are open to mountain bikers.  The paved interior road of the Central Range is also available.  Motorized bikes are not permitted.

  Horseback Riding

The 8.5 mile Border trail accommodates general horseback riding in the preserve.  The trail is accessible from parking lots in the North and Central ranges that have capacity for horse trailers.  An additional 3.3 miles of horseback riding trails, including the Hunsicker, Teardrop, and Buck Run trails are located in the North Range.

  Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing

Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are permitted on trails and open areas on the North and Central Ranged.  Trails are not groomed for cross country skiing.  Caution should always be exercised when visiting remote areas within the preserve.


The Jordan Creek is stocked with trout each spring.  A half mile section of the Jordan Creek from the covered bridge on Game Preserve Road to the ford at the creek is designated for children and disabled persons during the month of April.  The general public can fish upstream of the covered bridge and downstream of the ford during this time.  The entire creek within the preserve from the Mill Creek Road bridge to the Jordan Road bridge is open to all for the remainder of the fishing season.

  Archery Hunting

Turkey and white tailed deer hunting is permitted on the North Range.  The archery only hunting policies are in compliance with  Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations.  For additional information, call the Game Commission Southeast regional office at 610-926-3136.

  Creek Life

The Jordan Creek is a good place to explore the aquatic life in a fresh water stream.  The broad and shallow creek at the ford in the Central Range is ideal for wading and studying different forms of creek life.

  Nature and Bird Watching

Opportunities to observe nature in the Preserve change dramatically by season and habitat.  A TNP Naturalist guide is available to help identify the species of flora and fauna throughout TNP.  The guides are available at the visitor's center.


The picnic area is located in the Central Range, along the Jordan Creek at the ford.  Picnic tables, benches, grills, and portable toilets are available.  The ford is the center of the trail system along the Jordan Creek, making this an ideal picnic location.

  Photography and Painting

There are ideal locations for the visual portrayal of nature in the Preserve.  A number of spectacular views are indicated in the Users guide.  The varied terrain and habitats offer a wide range of artistic opportunities in all seasons.


Camping at TNP is available to scouting groups only.  The hilltop campsite in the Central range overlooks the Bison enclosure and has clear mountain views to the north and west.  The campsite includes a fire circle and flag pole.  Campers must provide their own portable toilets and water.  Contact the Parks Department at 610-871-0281 for additional information.  Public camping is not permitted at Trexler Nature Preserve.