November 23, 2014
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Family Focused Solution Based Services (FFSBS)
  • Program Description:

Provides screening, assessment, and treatment services in community-based settings utilizing a continuum of service intensity based on family need.  FFSBS will engage children, their families, and other community members who care about the child to produce an individualized family focused, child centered service plan that addresses the behavioral health needs of the child/adolescent and assists the family with supporting the child/adolescent, or other family member, with a diagnosed behavioral health disorder.  The service will also work cooperatively with involved child welfare or juvenile justice entities to identify any unmet family support needs in order to help the child succeed at home and in school, improve the overall stability of the home environment and prevent out-of-home placement.

  • Process:
    • A psychiatrist or psychologist completes an evaluation prescribing Family Focused Solution Based Services.
    • MBH Consumer: Current list of providers can be obtained from Magellan Service Center via phone 1-866-238-2311 or by clicking on the link. 
    • An ISPT meeting (interagency service planning team meeting) is held and request for authorization packet is submitted to MBH to determine medical necessity.
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